Kai Cenat is the new king of Twitch

Kai Cenat in a pink hoodie against a yellow background.
Image: Genius

Twitch Streamer and content creator Kai Cenat, ended his 30-day Subathon after breaking multiple world records for the livestreaming site.

Kai Cenat is a 21-year-old content creator who began streaming on Twitch in 2021. He started his career as a YouTuber, filming vlogs, prank videos, and other forms of IRL content. After gaining massive success on YouTube, Kai would take his talents to Twitch, bringing an abundant amount of unique content to the platform.

On February 1, Kai began the “Mafiathon”, a 30-day Subathon that he had planned out for the entire month. The Mafiathon consisted of a variety of content that kept the stream’s momentum going every single day. Some of the events that occurred on the stream included bringing on a hypnotist, guests such as Disney princesses and Harry Potter characters, several rappers and musicians, a variety of games and challenges, and more. Many other streamers, such as YourRAGE, FaZe Kaysan, Scumtk, and DDG, made IRL appearances on Kai’s stream.

Throughout the month-long stream, viewers gifted hundreds of thousands of subscribers to Kai, making other content creators aware of the fact that he was on track to possibly breaking the record for the most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time – that record being held by Ludwig with 283,000 subscribers. This sparked a fire within Kai’s community to ensure that future would come to fruition. At one point, Kai had so many people gifting subscribers at the same time that it became almost impossible to read every single gifter’s name, a rare occurrence on Twitch.

With all of the activity going on during his stream, it was a no-brainer that Kai would break the subscriber record and surpass Ludwig’s previous 283,000. On February 28th, the last day of February Kai did just that. Kai’s win doesn’t end there, though, as on the same day, not only did Kai become the first Twitch Streamer to break 300,000 subscribers, he also became the first black streamer to hold the record for the most subscribers on Twitch, which he accomplished during none other than Black History Month, which becomes even more impressive considering that it’s the shortest month of the year.

After the Mafiathon’s groundbreaking success, several other streamers and content creators took to social media to express their congratulations and support for Kai. Ludwig, the streamer whose previous record was broken during the stream, declared that Twitch should provide Kai with a contract to keep him on the site, with many others sharing the same opinion. Even Drake had something to say on the matter. As for what’s next for Kai, he says he has a long vacation ahead of him, but he’ll still keep in touch with his community while on his break.