Xbox Players Can Now Stream Their Games to Discord

Xbox Discord Game Streaming: Xbox and Discord logos
Image: Discord and Xbox

Xbox players have been able to connect to Discord voice chats ever since Discord and Xbox teamed up to enable the feature back in September of 2022. Today, however, that team-up goes even further as Xbox players will now be able to stream their video games to Discord as well.

Game streaming is a feature that has been available on Discord’s PC version for a long time, and is used every day by Discord users to share their gameplay sessions with friends and even host watch parties. Until today, Xbox users have had no way to natively stream their games to Discord from their console.

This morning, Discord announced via Twitter, “Our most requested feature is becoming a reality: streaming games from your @Xbox directly to your friends on Discord.” The tweet links to an official announcement post that states that the feature will be available for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One games.

Xbox game streaming will be available for both Discord voice channels and Group DMs.

Unfortunately, the feature is currently only available to Xbox Insiders, but Discord states that “wider availability to all Xbox gamers [will be] coming soon.”

Regardless, the implementation of streaming games to Discord for Xbox players will undoubtedly be a welcome feature. With the click of a button, Xbox players will now be able to share their gameplay experiences, easily host online party games, showcase their immaculate video game skills, and so much more.

How to Stream Xbox Games to Discord

In order to stream your Xbox games to a Discord voice channel, all you’ll have to do is join a Discord server by pressing the Xbox button, selecting “Parties and Chat”, and join one of your servers’ voice channels. Once you’re in the voice channel, select the “Stream your game” option and you’re good to go.

For streaming to a Discord Group DM, you’ll have to join it on PC or mobile first. Once you’ve joined the call, select “Transfer to Xbox”, and the option to stream your game should show up on your Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One.